Industrial Communications Group Ltd publishes 3 advanced engineering magazines serving chief

engineers of China’s largest machine shops, plastics and processing plants. Our purpose: to advance

engineering in China. For advertisers, a sales channel to engage seniors at the top end.


China: the biggest transformation and investment in performance machines, materials and process
improvement is happening at the top end. Most sales channels reach SMEs, a low-tech price driven market.
Finding and engaging chief engineers to generate sales leads from the top end is difficult. This is what we do. 

Chemical Processing China

Advanced process engineering for chemical, petrochem, refining, food
& beverage, pharma, personal care, energy, transportation and waste water.

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Kunststoff Magazin China

Advanced plastics engineering for aerospace/defense, automotive, construction, consumer, electronics/ medical, high-speed rail, renewables and packaging.

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Manufacturing Engineering China

Advanced machine shop engineering for aerospace/defense, automotive, electronics/medical, energy, high-speed rail and marine engineering.

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